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I will refill 12000 Hitleap Minutes in your premium account for $2

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I will refill 12000 Hitleap minutes in your premium account within 7 days of time You must have a Hitleap premium account as we have to run 5 sessions minimum to earn these minutes. orders normally started within 24 hours you can track the minutes earning per day in your account. We need hitleap premium account login details We have regular hitleap accounts with minutes if you want to buy let us know. 1. Do you accept regular account for refill ? A: No, I can't; as it take's a long time, then premium accounts.2) How long it will take to delivery the order ?A: It depends on how 2 things - How many minutes order you have placed? - How many Session slots, your Hitleap account has?On average 1 Premium Session Slot can earn 1400 minutes in 24 hours. So you can calculate according to session slot and minutes to be refilled. Per Day Hitleap Minutes Earning  = Minutes Per Session Slot (1400) x No of Session Slots (Minimum 5) how to Place order1) If further clarification required on order time or minutes to earn then before placing order, first contact us 2) If no clarification required then place the order and provide your Hit-leap username and password on order page3) I'll refill minutes your Hit-leap account.Note: Please don't order gig multiple times if your account just has 5 session slots, use gig extra for extra orders.